Price Guide

All our rates are negotiable depending on the type of job. Please contact us at or 020 7558 8570 to discuss your project.

Video Production

Every video production project has a set of differing requirements, which need to be taken into consideration. In order to give you an idea, we charge £400 per day (including the full kit: camera, lighting and sound).

Video Post production

Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effect editing which include editorial input from Director/Producer: £65 per hour or £400 per day (8 hours)


Shooting: £400 per day (including full studio lighting kit)

Retouching: £65 per hour

Web Design and Development

Similar to other fields in the creative business, it is not easy to have a predefined list of prices for web design and development but as a price guide we charge £350 per person per day of development on your website. For smaller jobs and updating we charge £65 per hour. If you require a simple website it can be developed in just 3 days. 

Graphic Design 

Our daily charge for graphic design is £350 or £65 per hour.

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